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Getting More from FindSpot

Ever since its very beginning, way back in 1996, FindSpot has been dedicated to helping people find what they are looking for on the web faster, easier and more accurately.

In order to bring this philosophy right up to date, FindSpot has recently changed into a meta-search engine. That means that you can now get results from 10 search engines instantly - without even leaving the site!

All you need to do is enter the term you are looking for into the search form on every page, and FindSpot will run your request against the huge databases of 10 major search engines, giving you the chance to find things that may have been missed by some of them without your needing to go to several sites to do the same thing.

Is it quicker?
Definitely. If you've ever gone through the first five or six pages of results on a search engine wondering why what you are after isn't in the huge lists of results, you will understand the difference that checking several search engines simultaneously can make.

What else is new?
We now have a handy image search tool. Click the 'images' tab at the top of the page before doing a search to be shown pictures instead of text results. Its also easier and clearer to select between UK results and results from all over the world - just use the 'Search: pages from the UK / the web' options before entering your search.

We hope that you will find the changes useful and that they will make searching the web easier than ever. Any comments, opinions, and suggestions for improvements are welcome, please email us.

Happy Searching!

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